When we talk about young adults today, it seems we look for the bad in them. But, there are many great kids in our Nation. It seems to me that all they need is guidance and understanding. We, as adults, over look that they have great ideas - great potential.

Synergy and Bay Street Garment District is giving them a chance to show everyone what they have a passion for and allow them to become successful for working with that passion in the field of business.

We create new and innovative ways for the student to, not only follow their passion, but to make use of their passion to give back to their schools, communities, and many other organizations.
— Jerry Shuler, Director of Bay Street Garment District

More than just a clothing store.


Bay Street Garment District was founded solely to give back. Some current contributions are below. If you have any suggestions for future series, please contact us.



Veterans Series

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When There Are No More

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Student Designed

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All clothing on the site is Student Designed by a team of awesome interns from high schools in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Some interns may produce their own collection or series. SBAES, a series created in 2015, is wholly designed and managed by Mack Hamilton and Hunter Wrights.


We The People Matter

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Bay Street is a subsidiary of Synergy Management and Market Corp., a non-profit founded solely to benefit students, organizations, and schools and to help them prepare for the future. Students are trained on practical applications in the real world of business in 3 major growth areas:

  • E-Commerce
  • Renewable Energy
  • Entrepreneurship